petra anderson

yet another horrible thing being called a miracle. an innocent woman got shot 4 times while watching the dark knight rises premiere, including once in the brain. but because that shot happened to not cause any brain damage, it’s a miracle!

why do miracles so frequently have this pattern? horrible thing X happens, but because of Y, it was not as horrible as it ultimately could have been: miracle!

conveniently, we ignore the fact that a 6-year-old girl was shot and killed in the same shooting. the pastor who who blogged about this “miracle” responds in the comments about the little girl, saying “I gain some peace because my worldview tells me the six year old is now experiencing heaven, full of life and love.” life on earth is supposed to be nothing compared to the afterlife in heaven. so is it such a miracle that petra anderson survived? can’t have it both ways.

One thought on “petra anderson

  1. It should be obvious to everyone that belief in the afterlife is a mechanism for coping with the fear of death, the loss of loved ones, and our longing for a greater purpose. If people were really convinced life after death is so blissful, they’d be rushing to put themselves in harm’s way.

    God’s condemnation of suicide is almost too convenient.


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