happy pride

this past weekend was pride in san francisco. i very uncharacteristically attended a hip party full of youngsters and lots of drinking. fear not — i gathered a bunch of them in one corner and forced them to play bridge with me. the parade was underwhelming. there were regular looking people and corporate floats.

riding the bus home was the real highlight. there was a master (it said so on his necklace), with his slave on a leash. the slave was dressed all in leather, chains and assless chaps. not to mention his vermillion ass cheeks. master was eyes-half-closed drunk, so we had this fun conversation with him:

master (to me and c): are you going to have kids?
slave: *thwacks master on the head*
me & c: maybe someday?
master: can i watch?
slave: *thwacks master on the head twice*

I was also wearing this hat, and master couldn’t keep his hands off of it. now i fancy i know how fluffy cats feel.

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