i’ve met a handful of people now (all female) who say they’ve fantasized about their wedding day since they were 5. clearly this is something i wouldn’t understand, given that i tend to wear white and demand to be the center of attention on a daily basis. what’s so special about your special day? that’s my every day.

maybe it’s the marriage they’re excited about. i, however, haven’t heard one good (secular) reason for two people to get married. sure, there may be tax benefits. and yes, it’s a good insurance policy against a cheating spouse who uses you for free childcare for 30 years then dumps you for a newer model. but none of that is applicable in the case of two adults with similarly illustrious careers.

oh wait, i’m wrong. there is a good reason — avoidance of estate taxes via the marital deduction. i guess it’s not that shabby a deal for the girl either, if she gets a ring like the one above. though, the outrageousness of the DeBeers cartel (can you even guess how much that ring is?) is too much for this little post.

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