i want nothing to do with them. i have never heard of a really good one, have you? miracle (like tragedy) has become meaningless with overuse.

usually, a “miracle” is when something horribly, catastrophically bad happens to you, but then it turns out not being quite as bad as originally estimated. like, when your anencephalic child doesn’t die within hours of birth, but holds on for 2+ years. or when you’ve sustained 2nd to 3rd degree burns on over 70% of your body from a car crash and you manage not to die. or when you’ve been diagnosed with metastatic cancer and given 3 months to live, but end up suffering for 6 months before finally dying.

other “miracles” are banal things that any reasonable person should expect would happen, given the circumstances. like, someone who is regularly having unprotected sex becoming pregnant.

even the miracles of the christian bible are just meh. yay, more bread and fish! probably wouldn’t have touched the stuff in the first place, but now we’ve got more. any god worth worshipping would have a better imagination than me, so a miracle by such a god would be at least as awesome as a real live dragon. but no such awesomeness has ever been documented.

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