The listserve (meta)

The idea behind the listserve sounded interesting, so I signed up. The question isn’t really “what would you say to 1 million people.” Right now it’s about 20,000 people. Your chance of getting to address the listserve isn’t very high. The real question is, “do you want to read what a random person has to say to a million people?”

This is a fine example of why we have editors. So far the emails have been mostly ads or trite things like “inspirational” quotes and proselytizing. I’ve put together an archive of them, where you can see for yourself. Presenting: the listserve meta. My crack programming team have figured out a way to track the approximate number of unsubscribes following each email. 30-ish is the norm. 60+ for unpopular ones, and for very short emails, it can be as low as in the teens. There haven’t been any since we’ve started keeping track that didn’t have unsubscribes though. Enjoy!


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