Loki is my god

I promised a full entry back here about Loki.

He was certainly the most interesting character in the movie. Maybe that’s because he was brilliantly portrayed by classically trained British actor Tom Hiddleston. Eton and Cambridge? Excuse me while I swoon.

There’s something sweetly vulnerable and human about him and his desire to prove himself and out-do his golden boy brother, Thor. He’s honest about his desire to control humans. Not having to think — just accepting god’s word and god’s plan — is what comforts many religious people. Loki claims this outright. Maybe I want to take a vacation and let him make my decisions for me. It might be refreshing.

True story: a few weeks ago, I prayed to Thor for cookies, and I got them. (Thank you, Thor!) I haven’t tried asking Loki for anything, but knowing his desperation to compete with Thor, I should be able to ask for a whole bakery and get it.

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