Business idea: waitstaff-free restaurants

Meet your new waiter. You don’t have to tip it or make awkward conversation or answer questions about whether you like your food.

Ok, so it’s just a Roomba, but it can easily be programmed to go to different tables holding a tray of food. Put in the order via a console mounted on your table that communicates directly with the kitchen, then pay with credit card. Robot waiters can address the broken American tipping system where it’s become a non-optional social convention to tip 15-20% for non-atrocious service. In San Francisco, there’s even an extra surcharge to provide health care for the waitstaff.  If your waiters are robots, not only do you not need to pay for health care, you can also write them off as a tax break when they deteriorate and need to be replaced. Savings can be passed on to the customer. It may not be for everyone, but I’m sure there are at least a few people who enjoy the experience of eating out minus dealing with waiters and tipping.

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