World’s Ugliest Cake

but i love you!

Sometimes I see something beautiful, like Not Martha’s rainbow Leprechaun Trap Cake, and I think to myself… “I’m reasonably intelligent. I can read. I can follow instructions, kinda. I can make one too!” Then I wind up with a disaster like the one you see above. Poor thing.

It was off to a decent start, its bright concentric cake mix rings looked textbook.


But my visions of covering it with a light layer of white lemon frosting then decorating with tiny spring florals just weren’t meant to be. Attempting to spread the frosting took out whole chunks of cake like this one.


Not even the insides looked right. Instead of a perfect rainbow, I got clown vomit which varied from slice to slice. This first slice looked like it had a heart.


Another slice looked more or less like a rainbow, but the colors are mysteriously inverted. I wonder what that purple blob is doing. Perhaps that’s the magic smoke this cake released on its death throes.

the magic (purple) smoke?

But here! Ah, here is one tiny corner that looks as intended. The smallest of triumphs. I’ll take it.

how all of it was supposed to look

I’m fascinated by the rich inner life of cake mix as it solidifies in the oven. I really did put the same amounts of colored cake mix down in the same order and my results are nowhere close. But I’m not sad. It just means I’ll have to try again.

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