iPod Nano

Dear iPod Nano,

Yes, it’s very nice that you display the album art and the name of the song I’m listening to. But what I really want to know is what time it is. Maybe if I swipe back one page. Nope, that just gets me to album art… without the navigation and song title. That’s… useful. One more? Still no luck, it’s just the playlist. Just one more and… there it is. The time is finally at the top of the display. But at least I eventually found a setting to change that.

I had to go to Settings > General > Date & Time and toggle “Time on Wake” to “on.” Why? Why would you think I would more urgently need to know know the name of the song rather than what time it is? Even better, couldn’t you just show me both?

At least you’re not as bad as that ancestor of yours, the first generation iPod nano. Anytime that old thing noticed me touching it, the time in the top bar would immediately be replaced by the words “Now Playing.” Surely that was because a reasonable person expects her iPod to show her a random song other than the one currently playing. And it would stay that way — that inane statement — for a few seconds before showing me the time again. I’d like to meet the engineer who made that decision and shake my fist at him*.  If you know the guy, send him my way.


p.s. — Other than that minor detail, you’re the best thing since hottubs. Really. Love you lots.

* Gender assumption based on the probability of a randomly selected software engineer being male.

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