Felt donut friends

Remember that problem I confessed to having? Wanting everything to have a little face? I also have this problem where I like to make pretty food but not eat it. Trouble is, it tends to rot into not-so-pretty food. The solution to that came in the form of making pretty “food” out of inedible materials.

Forgive me. My sewing skills are lacking. If you want to make one for your favorite diabetic or for your next tea party with imaginary friends, read on.

What you need

* felt for donut (brown in my case)
* felt for frosting
* coordinating thread
* polyester stuffing
* a cd
* (not shown) scissors, beads for embellishment

 What you do

  1. Use the cd as a guide and cut out two cd-shaped pieces of donut felt
  2. Cut a wobbly bit of frosting from the other felt, making sure it fits within a cd
  3. Sew the frosting onto one of the donut pieces, then sew on embellishments
  4. Sew the top of the donut onto the bottom, starting with the center
  5. Sew along the outside until there’s about 1 inch left
  6. Stuff the donut and sew it the rest of the way closed
Now you have your very own donut friend. The one I made has a lucky 4-leaf clover. You can tell how far behind I am since a lucky donut is more appropriate for, say, St. Patrick’s Day than Zombie Jesus day, but there you have it.


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