Who reads Esquire?

I am genuinely curious. Two gems have recently come to my attention, and they’re enough to convince me that I should filter anyone who reads and likes Esquire. Here are the offending articles and my comments.

Ladies: You’re Not as Good as You Think
You’re wrong and you even contradict yourself. Women who are acting unenthusiastic and uncomfortable probably do not think they’re great in bed. This has nothing to do with the fact (yes, the fact) that despite lack of skill, these women are doing their male sex partners a huge favor. Besides the handful of anecdotes I’m sure you’re all too willing to share with me, men are simply more sex-obsessed than women. Think about the demand for prostitutes. A sexual encounter is probably worth hundreds of dollars on average to a male and far less than that (maybe negative amounts) to a female.

Why Men Cheat
Because it makes them feel like secret agent men. Oh, and because they want to feel “free.” The anonymous author glamorizes cheating, claims it’s what men are built for, tries to sound really hardcore by using the f-word as much as possible and throws a little hissy fit about men who are happy to be faithful. I cringe thinking of how many men have read that article and aspired to be more like the author. No one should be excited about being too cowardly or too selfish to be honest with the women in their lives.

Does Esquire represent some edgy ideal that men strive towards? I think I’ll pass — on the magazine and on all of its fans.

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