The new day

Hunt 99 nib, Private Reserve Foam Green ink

Through a friend, I recently learned of the Persian new year, or Nowruz, literally “new day.” It started on March 20 this year, the first day of spring. I asked if one celebrates Nowruz the same as Americans celebrate new years. You know, profligate drunken foolishness, crowding in public to see pyrotechnics and kissing random people at midnight? No, actually, it’s celebrated with a gathering of friends and family to share the moment when spring begins. And little ones receive gifts from older family members. Then it’s followed by 12 days of visiting.

I know next to nothing about it, but it seems like a celebration of hope and newness. So this year, I hope for peace. Maybe the U.S. government we can take a little vacation from being the world police, and maybe we can use diplomacy our words instead of threatening and pressuring others. I really hope so.

Nowruz sounds like a lovely tradition. I vote for it. In exchange, I’m willing to trade our pesky Christian tradition where the post office doesn’t operate on Sundays.

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