Magic stripe coasters

magic stripe coasters

These coasters were made by modifying this pattern from Sara’s Colorwave Yarns. I just made them smaller, about 4″x4″. You see, the couch at my mom’s house is made of dark red velvet, like something out of a haunted house. Nonetheless, she wanted me to make her something to keep her tea mug from melting unsightly rings into the couch arms where she set them down.

Where’s the magic, you may ask. The stripes are horizontal on one side, and vertical on the other! If that’s not magical, I don’t know what is.

I guess they’re not very useful, unless you have, say, a Giant Microbe or something that’s particular about where it sits. I have the cold virus, and besides being a fan of a very particular shave ice shack on the North Shore, he also only likes to set his little virus feet on my magic coasters. See? Cozy as a … cold on a coaster.

cold virus

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